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2011-02-04 08:47:45 by Twin-Lance

Well I finshed it now the animations up hope you guys and girls like it ^_^

Hero Flash coming UP

2011-01-14 07:17:27 by Twin-Lance

I doing a flash in my class at college and its the best in class as said by my teacher so when its finshed you will get to see it here hope you will enjoy it as much as I am making it :)

PS: If you did see the last flash I made it kind of sucked LOL but it was the first time I used flash ever so thanks to those reviews that liked it even though it still went to blam hell XD but it was done ages ago so this next one will be EPIC compared still not super awsome but I have put a hell of a lot more effort into it :) and heres an image to give you a teaser of whats to come :3

Hero Flash coming UP

Gravity Duck

2010-10-30 14:37:28 by Twin-Lance

I completed Gravity Duck by Wobly probly the most anoying and addictive game I have played for ages and did it in 40 - 60 mins see if you can do it faster


2010-10-16 15:29:21 by Twin-Lance

Hi everyone